Unveiling Bobo Tokyo's Chinese New Year Capsule Collection: Embracing Generational Bonds

As we  welcome the new year full of hope, luck and prosperity, families reunite to celebrate fresh starts and abundance of opportunities this Chinese New Year. 

As one of celebrations that bring families and differences together, Chinese New Year celebrations are tied in with sacred traditions and special food and drinks on the table. With that in mind, looking your best throughout this time is a must. 

Worry not, as Bobo Tokyo assembles the looks for your lunar dream by embracing a wider bright color spectrum, such as vibrant blue symbolizing peace, greens for growth, or sunny yellows for prosperity, or adds depth to the festivities. Wearing colors beyond red and gold offer a broader canvas for expressing joy. Let us walk you through the collection of must-have wardrobe essentials. 


The first in line is a series of shirts  that are perfect for family gatherings. Hadir dengan siluet oversized, Ryokai Tuck Shirt dengan tali di bagian bawah yang dapat menciptakan kesan tuck-in menambah kesan elegan untuk acara spesial seperti perayaan Chinese New Year bersama keluarga. 

Meanwhile Aluna shirt has ruffle shoulders that give off an elegant impression. Kerah tegak senada, membuat garis leher dan wajah terlihat rapi. The silhouette is not too tight and stripes pattern, enhances confidence. 

Kazari is a jacket with a tartan pattern, wearable both open like a jacket or closed like a shirt. The cropped model makes you appear taller. The next highlighted items are bottoms, and we continue with the favored silhouette, the flare skirt.

Hanaori, rok dengan siluet berjenjang dan bervolume ini didesain dengan motif bunga yang terkesan unik dan cantik.  The elastic waistband provides comfort. Hanaori Skirt and Ryokai Shirt are match made in heaven. 

The last in line in skirt category would be Erirate, Erirate is a skirt-pants that can be worn in two styles. The wrap-style design creates an elegant and sophisticated  impression. It can be worn in various styles, from casual look to polished one.

Beside selections of must-have staples, we add a few items to compliment into the mix to compliment your look. Meet Putri Shirt; a casual shirt with a simple twist comes with a wide silhouette and flared sleeves. Another in line, here comes Seiritsu. Seiritsu Shirt Dress hadir dengan warna jingga cerah dan didesain dengan motif garis-garis juga model kerah basic dan dilengkapi saku, serta kancing pada bagian depan. Terdapat tali pada bagian pinggang yang dapat disesuaikan. Bisa juga dikenakan sebagai dress atau sebagai light outer.

Explore Bobo Tokyo's exclusive Chinese New Year Capsule Collection, celebrating heritage and bringing people together across generations exclusively at Bobobobo.