Past and Future of FINE CHAOS with MARC C. MØLLERSKOV

Copenhagen hosts a big fashion event called Copenhagen Fashion Week twice a year. It's a platform for new designers from Nordic countries to show off their new clothes. One of these designers is FINE CHAOS, started by Marc C. Møllerskov. He got the idea for his brand after finishing design school and learning from working at a men's wear company in Copenhagen. Even though COVID-19 caused some problems, the brand became popular with help from the Danish fashion community.

For FW24 of Copenhagen Fashion Week, Marc, who is the creative director of FINE CHAOS, shares the brand's history and future plans.

Marc C. Møllerskov got interested in fashion because his mother worked in the industry when he was a kid. He realized how clothes could express feelings and thoughts, which was unusual where he grew up. His passion for fashion grew stronger when he watched a documentary called 'Dior and I' about a famous designer Raf Simons. Marc loved how Raf Simons told stories through his designs.“I loved his storytelling integrated into the garments” said Marc


After studying fashion in Copenhagen and spending time at a fashion school in London, Marc was even more determined to start his own brand. He was also into painting, and one of his paintings inspired the name 'FINE CHAOS' after his friend Anton gave him a different way of looking at it. 

At the end of his studies, Marc interned at Han Kjøbenhavn, a fashion company. There, he learned a lot about how to run a brand and create collections by working closely with the designers. He even helped design some clothes for their big fashion show. After his internship, Marc started planning his FINE CHAOS.


For his final project in school, Marc chose to focus on FINE CHAOS because he wanted to work on it full-time after graduating. He decided to base his project on alcoholism, a topic that was personal to him because his grandmother struggled with it. He met Ludvig while researching for his project, and they became business partners. Another friend, Kim, who studied architecture, joined the team too, helping with graphics and events. 


After finishing school, Ludvig, Kim, and their team focused all their energy on FINE CHAOS. It was hard at first because of the pandemic, but they kept going. After a year, stores started noticing their brand. They felt even more excited and confident. They did their first fashion show for SS23 at a nightclub called Ved Siden Af (now Den Anden Side) and things really started to take off from there.

Marc ended the interview by talking about his plans for the coming year. They're having their FW23 fashion show and hosting a closing party at Copenhagen Fashion Week in two weeks. Later on, they'll be hosting events for the first time outside Denmark, in Austria and South Korea, which Marc is really excited about! He also hopes they can do events in China soon. 

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